Connect Through Fashion - The Art Of Being A Conversation Starter

Connect Through Fashion - The Art Of Being A Conversation Starter 

Whether you’ve sparked up a convo, or made someone smile from a distance, our fashion choices connect us. Jumpers aren’t just jumpers. They’re expressions of who we are, creating something for others to identify with. The right outfit can lead to some truly amazing things too. From brightening someone's day to finding a community to be yourself in, here’s how we connect through fashion. 

Connecting Through Conversation 

Whether it’s a well executed fit or a controversial style choice, fashion gets people talking. Just look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ ‘Tax The Rich’ dress recently causing waves online. Fashion doesn't need to be political to spark a conversation, however. Simply expressing our interests and beliefs through style is enough to create talking points with the people around us. 

Repping your Murder Shows and Comfy Clothes sweatshirt isn’t just comfortable. It’s a conversation starter, too! Wear it to your next Zoom meeting and you might just discover one of your colleagues shares an interest in the macabre. Before you know it, you’re knee deep in a debate about why The Purge is genius and you’ve found yourself a new bestie. 

Receiving compliments on our fashion choices can put us in a great mood, too. Not only does it make us feel confident in our style decisions, but we also feel appreciated and worth celebrating. Receiving these compliments opens up the floor to be authentic and share parts of ourselves that we wouldn’t usually share. Other people we might not usually talk to can often relate to these things, paving the way for a positive relationship. Perhaps people adore your ‘Positivitea’ hoodie, sparking a conversation with fellow tea fanatics. Soon a virtual social gathering begins, caused by a mutual love of your hoodie. 

Connecting With Strangers 

Fashion goes beyond strengthening our connections with people we know. It can help us create new ones, too. Nail your style, or rock a jumper with a message you believe in and you’re bound to get compliments from people you’ve never met. Not only does this feel amazing, but it provides a chance to stop and chat. Who knows? You might just make a friend for life. At the very least you can exchange your best style advice. 


Fashion is an extraordinary thing with an immense power for creating connections. It expresses who we are deep down, and can reveal our nerdiest interests and firmest beliefs if we want it to. 

When we wear these beliefs and interests we share them with the world around us. This creates opportunities to connect with others with common interests. New friendships are formed, and existing ones are strengthened. Building these positive relationships with the people around us gives us a lovely sense of community and the confidence to be ourselves. 

Here at Evolved Creative, we’re passionate about the connections fashion creates. Our clothes aren’t just comfy. They’re conversation starters, too. Whether you want to form your very own positive affirmation club and spread Good Vibes All The Way, or let the world know you’re a Professional Overthinker, we’ve got the garms for you! 

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