Our Printing Methods - Top Question: Will my product peel off or fade over time?

We get a lot of questions about our print methods and if our products will last, so we thought it was time to write a blog post to go over the detail. 

First things first, we do not use vinyl, that means your product will not start peeling! We use 2 different types of printing methods: Direct to Garment for clothing and Dye Sublimation for mugs. 

Let’s start with Direct to Garment. We use industry leading printers using CMYK-RG-W colour channels (that's the usual CMYK plus red, green and white) to maximise colour accuracy and print quality. The ink is attached directly to the fibres which leaves behind a super-soft feel that feels like it was made when the garment was made.

The printers of course use water based eco-friendly inks that are vegan friendly and not tested on animals which is super important to us as you’ll see on our sustainability and responsibility pages.

Next up Dye Sublimation for our mugs. This print method uses a combination of heat, pressure and time to transfer dye to the product, it’s a digital method which means top quality prints.

Heat and pressure are used are used to cure the print which means its microwave proof, and dishwasher proof so no need to worry about having to treat these mugs with extra special care and attention! 

Don’t forget our inks are vegan and eco friendly they’re OEKO-TEX® certified, there are no toxins and no animal by-products used to create the ink, and they are not tested on animals.

So now you know just how much we’ve put in to ensure we use the right inks to create our products, why not go check out our mug or sweatshirt collection