Veganuary Inspiration

Looking for Veganuary inspiration? Not sure if you are ready to go vegan, not sure you can give up the cheese, but looking to do something? Why don’t you start by going vegan with your clothing? 

We won’t judge you for not being all or nothing, you can start vegan with a simple step. All of our clothing, and beanies are vegan, you’d never know and it’s the one step you can take into Veganism, Vegetarian, or just your way of being kind to the animals. We like to think we are the gateway to Veganism, as Neil Armstrong once said: one small step. 

If you are already Vegan, rock our plant powered jumper and let everyone know you're Vegan AF. 

Join Veganuary 2022 by any means you want, we say, start it with Vegan clothing. Shop the collection now