Welcome to Evolved Creative

Welcome to Evolved Creative! 

Evolved Creative was started in lockdown 2.0. I was looking for a fun but simple mug for my mums 60th Birthday (sorry mum, don’t worry she doesn’t look her age!). I spent time trawling the internet for something just perfect, and decided to design my own. 

I’d never thought of myself as a creative type, as much as I have danced since I was almost 3, when I went to school you were only creative if you could draw, and I just couldn’t grasp putting pen to paper! 20 years later and designing websites, writing content and working in HR (don’t worry I’m the type of HR everyone loves!) I realised I did have a creative flair!

I’ve always loved a good font, and much to everyones surprise I’m a natural introvert! So what you can find from Evolved Creative is elegant fonts, classic designs and perhaps some NSFW content! 

No fast fashion!

I know that ethical shopping and vegan products are super important. I’ve got a full ethics policy where you’ll see all of the inks used on the products are vegan friendly they’re OEKO-TEX® certified. Our jumpers are vegan PETA approved and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified this means no sweatshops! I’m also inclusive as possible, products run up to 2XL as a standard, sometimes products are available up to 5XL but it really depends on the supplier so I don’t have these listed. Please do pop me a message and I’m happy to see what I can do. 

To meet our sustainability goals we make each order from fresh to stop unnecessary waste. Anything that doesn't meet our high standards goes to charity. This also means we are reliant on you to help us, so please do check our sizing charts prior to ordering so that we can help save unnecessary orders and keep the planet for as long as possible.

Thank you for being curious enough to read our first blog. If you like our story and the products we offer, please give us a follow on instagram for the day to day and sneak peak of products @evolvedcreative_, we are also on Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok.