Why and what is slow fashion?

Did you know that Evolved Creative is a slow, vegan, sustainable fashion  brand. With an aim to help the environment at Evolved Creative we have a number of initiatives in place to help our slow fashion brand remain in check.  We make all products to order so that we don't have products lying around that aren't needed. We only use WRAP or Fair Wear approved suppliers so there are absolutely no sweatshops, and all our clothing and inks are vegan.


Why slow fashion?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Making a conscious decision to shop with sustainable and ethical brands can and will make a difference to the planet and the people within it. That’s why it was so important when we created Evolved Creative that we were not just another fashion brand that was going to have a harmful impact on the environment. 

Slow fashion as a movement

Pre-Industrial Revolution, garments were locally sourced and produced, where people could buy clothing that was local and lasting. Moving into the modern day we saw around 20 years ago clothing becoming cheaper and trends speeding up. Some brands burn up to 12 tonnes of unsold garments per year despite their sustainability efforts. Clearly this is not good enough. Slow fashion has seen increasing support as we become more aware of the environmental impacts, and when we created Evolved Creative we were determined not to become another statistic. 

Evolved Creative and slow fashion

The first thing we did when creating Evolved Creative was seek out suppliers that had sustainability and ethical practices at their core. Our suppliers first and foremost are either WRAP  or Fair Wear certified. This means they can monitor every step of the process for your clothing to be made from yarn to garment, they ensure workers are paid fairly, have legal and compliant working practices, and continue to work to ensure that all of those involved in the production of your clothing can go to work in a safe and secure working environment. 

We know that being plant powered and vegan is important to a lot of you, that’s why all of our clothing is also PETA vegan approved. The fashion industry can also be harmful to animals and can cause environmental destruction on a devastating scale. That’s why we only work with suppliers that are PETA vegan approved, so we can ensure a fair environment for all. 

Slow fashion also means just that, slow. We make all our products to order, this helps minimise waste. Unfortunately we aren’t perfect and there are printing errors, those get donated to charity so nothing gets produced unnecessarily. Let’s not forget we print our quotes on our clothing, so we also only use OEKO-TEX® approved inks that don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment. 

So now you know a bit more about fast fashion, why not check out our range, and keep in mind what we’ve been talking about for any future purchases!