Mug with text on that says: More issues than vogue
Mug with text on that says: More issues than vogue
Mug with text on that says: More issues than vogue
Mug with text on that says: More issues than vogue

More issues than Vogue mug

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More issues than vogue, we all know someone like this! I’ve been saying for as long as I can remember, so only seemed appropriate to put it on a mug! This minimalistic mug is a must have for every fashionista and looks great in any interior

What does more issues than vogue mean? Since Vogue is so popular, there have been many issues published over the years. So if a person has more problems than Vogue has issues, you should run in the other direction, or run towards them, depending on what you like!

Chic happens. Just because you couldn't make it to NYFW doesn't mean your space can't look runway ready. The perfect funny present for a friend, or just for yourself.

We’ve all got more issues than vogue right?! Get this more issues than vogue coffee mug now!

Mugs are a must. Everyone loves a mug, especially in the UK where tea might as well be the national drink.

  • 11oz ceramic mug
  • Glossy white finish
  • Dishwasher safe because who wants to wash up! 
  • Microwave safe for when you get carried away and need to reheat that beverage
  • Our sublimation inks are all water-based and toxin free. We currently have confirmations that the inks for mugs are vegan friendly.  They're OEKO-TEX® approved (they don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment). There are no animal by-products used to create the ink, and not tested on animals.

Size: 11oz capacity

Dimensions: 97 x 82 mm diameter

All orders are shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging. It’s white-label too, so all eco-friendly vibes.

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